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Digital Post Advertising Media Offering 360 Virtual Tour

Digital Post Advertising Media offers state- of- the- art high resolution full screen 360-degree photography, Virtual tours and Panoramas. Whether you are into real estate, property developement, tourism , Hospitality Industries, infrastructure, 360 degree photography can help showcase your facility/services on the internet in a most realistic manner to your customers.
360 degree photography provides more contextual information and a true-to-life representation as compared to linear video clips or a series of still images.
Experience IOS (Ipad , Iphone) ,Android compatable High Resolution virtual tours that are immersive and audience captivating.. its like actually being there!
Explore how this new-age technology can benefit you and your business.
Promote your business in the most convenient way possible, through the internet direct to your potential customers.


* Virtual Tours make people stay on your site/FB page longer and remember you.
* Let clients have a walk through experience without an appointment.
* VIRTUAL TOURS is a cost effective marketing tool which helps in ROI improvement.
* Showsacompleteviewofyourofferinhighqualityimages,peoplefeeltheyhave visited your premises.
* Increases sales volumes and inquiries.
* Compatible with 99% of web browsers.
* Traditional advertising such as newspaper ads, brochures, and open houses have limited reach. Some of these traditional forms of marketing don't give buyers a feel of what your property actually lookslike.
* Virtual tours are like having a 24x7 open house - available online without agents or home owners present.
* Reduce travel cost for sales personnel, employees and customers, hence saving time and money for buyers in placing the order
* Photographic images are very important to form a decision to buy a product or service and that to trusted platform like Google
* Visitors to a website that features a virtual tour stay generally 3x longer on that website.
* Travelers researching accommodation online visitonaverage 3-4 websites before making a decision.
* Although only 15% of bookings of accommodation and hotel are made directly, 65% of travel bookings are researched online.
* Interactive Virtual Tours on websites of hotels and accommodation increase online booking with 85%.
* Lifetime Membership with Google with One Time Investment.